Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - 3 Pictures from the Week

This shot was taken Tuesday afternoon during a very unusual, very heavy, Arizona rainstorm.  You can see the boys' school bus in my rear view mirror.  I was home in time to pick them up at the bus stop, which they appreciated very much!

This was taken earlier on Tuesday.  While the boys were in school, Lydia and I headed to the zoo.  The temperature was below 100, and she has been asking to go to the zoo for weeks. This was the first time just the two of us went to the zoo and we had a great time.  I let her lead me around the zoo, and I helped her find the animals she was most interested in seeing.  We started the day at the Komodo Dragon exhibit, so the rest of the day she asked if that big, long, dragon thing could eat whatever animal we were looking at.  We also saw the exhibit with koalas that will be at the Phoenix Zoo until March (I wasn't that impressed with their habitat, but it was neat seeing a koala!)

This made my heart melt a bit.  Lydia had taken a piece of play-doh and a dime with her in the car and to a restaurant.  It was left on the table, and she was very upset in the car when she realized what happened.  While she took a bath when we got home, Nate put together this tableau for her.  (If you can't read the sign, it says "For You Lydia, Love Nate")  He's an awesome big brother!

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