Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - 2 Hearts

This picture is of Lydia's and my wrist, with purple hearts drawn on with a purple Sharpie marker.  She was pretty sad before I left for my last work trip, and I read somewhere in blog-world about someone doing something similar for their child that was missing them during the day.

I drew the hearts so she had a visual reminder that I was thinking of her, and carrying her with me all the way to Canada.  The hearts faded, but Bo was great and re-drew her heart for her each day until I came home.  The picture of her little wrist with the heart is my iPhone wallpaper right now.

It was a simple gesture, but she seemed to like the idea and it may become one of those family traditions.  (And, when she's an adult and gets a heart tattooed on her wrist, I'll have only myself to blame.  LOL!)


  1. Awww....this post made me cry! What a sweet thing - I'm glad it helped Miss Lydia! I LOVE that picture - it just really speaks a million words.

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Love this idea & thanks for sharing! We have used this idea, just about every weekend when my daughter heads back to college. Her little sister has a hard time when she leaves every weekend, and the hearts drawn on their wrists, helps to make the transition a little easier. Sweet!


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