Monday, October 18, 2010

First Quarter Down!

The first quarter is in the books, as they say, and I had my first experience with parent/teacher conferences this afternoon.

Colin made honor roll, and Nate would have as well if only they had honor roll for 3rd graders. Both boys are doing extremely well academically and are fitting in with their classmates just fine.

We had no behavioral problems to discuss, and while both boys do have weaknesses, they are nothing that can't be worked on and overcome with a bit more effort.  (And, really, how much of a weakness can it be if both boys exceeded expectations and earned mostly A's with only a smatter of B's?)  Colin is still a bit of a class clown. Nate is quiet and studious, but kind and helpful as well.

I have serious concerns about Nate's speech, but that's for another post (did you know Friday is International Stuttering Awareness Day?  It is, and I have a good post planned about stuttering, so please come back!)

For this former homeschool mom, who worried about this school year, I am especially proud of my boys.  They have made the effort and have adjusted wonderfully. They went into the year with a solid grounding, but of course we wouldn't be sure of that until the grades were in. I did just fine as their teacher, and they are exceptional students.

I miss spending my days with them, though!


  1. Congratulations for giving them such a wonderful foundation!! And you never know what the future holds - you may get to bring them home again one day :) I would miss my guys, too.

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I'm really glad they are doing well. I would not have guessed that Nate was studious and quiet.

  3. I'm not surprised at all that they are doing well, but I'm so glad you got that confirmation from the teachers. Way to go boys!!!


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