Thursday, July 19, 2007

school year planning

My box from CHC arrived yesterday, and this past Saturday I took a trip to Lakeshore Learning to pick up art paper and supplies (and a free planner!) It's time to plan the school year!

I think I'm going to make a general overview for the year, but only plan a month or so at a time in depth. These thoughts are all in my head at the moment, however! I need to read through the 1st grade plans I just received, and look back at the K plans I pretty much abandoned last year, before I start plotting out the year.

We're planning a trip to the Grand Canyon this fall sometime. I want to make some weekend trips this year - and I need to get them on a calendar so they can happen. I'm willing to be flexible, but time has shown me that we're not good at running off spontaneously (maybe I should take lessons from Alexa. LOL!)

As far as extracurricular things go, the boys will play t-ball (N) and coach pitch (C) in August and September. They will also attend an hour long, homeschool phys ed class once a week at a local park from September through May. One day a week they will attend an enrichment program specifically for homeschooled children. They are also attending our parish's weekly religious ed classes. Of course, there will be plenty of trips to museums.

It should be an interesting (and busy) year!

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  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    LOL. Well, you have five people to get organized, I only have 3. That makes a big difference - especially if one of yours is an infant - she counts as at least TWO people to get ready!

    Grand Canyon is very cool. Saw it when I was prego with Rocky.



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