Monday, July 02, 2007

and another day

Just writing the post yesterday about our trip helped me put things into perspective. I started a list for the trip, well actually multiple lists -- packing, carryons, things we need to buy before leaving (like a booster since WI law requires both boys to be in boosters and I only have one), a grocery list for the first day (things like diapers, cereal and treats for the boys, etc. -- things I can't expect my mom to run out and buy for us, but which will make our stay easier), reservations to be made, and a schedule of who to see, what to do and when. I feel better about the trip now.

We're having people over for the 4th, however, and I realized that's really what I need to stress about! Unfortunately, there is only one family coming that I already know, the other 2 (or is it 3?) are from DH's work and we've never met. I feel added pressure that my house needs to be especially neat and clean. There will be 4 new kids here, which means I need to make sure the playroom is not destroyed. I need to still grocery shop for food. DH took a side job, which meant he hasn't been here for his 2 days off and L has needed to nurse pretty much non-stop. So, I haven't cleaned, or shopped, or anything. The weather is supposed to be around 116, so I'm not sure how willing people will be to go outdoors -- even though we have said the pool is available. Personally, I would be uncomfortable swimming at someone's house that I didn't really know, so I can understand if it goes unused. PLUS, I don't know these kids and worry about the chaos they may produce. I know DH thinks we can pull everything off the morning of the 4th . . . and well, I guess we'll just have to go with whatever we CAN (or HE can) accomplish that morning. And I need to just let go. I would love to cancel . . . but DH has been looking forward to this for a while now.

Did I mention DH is also sick right now? And C is complaining of an earache?

Hmmm, another grouchy post. I'll try for better tomorrow!

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