Tuesday, July 03, 2007

getting out

The portraits I had taken a few weeks ago were ready to be picked up, so I packed the 3 kids into the car this morning and headed over to Penney's.

We got there just as they were opening up, so there wasn't any wait to get the photographs. We headed over to the baby section next, as L somehow ended up with 3 month outfits, and 9 month outfits, but no 6 month outfits. She's not ready yet for even most of her 3 month outfits, but I knew they were having clearance sales so I thought I'd take advantage of that. The boys helped me find 8 adorable outfits for her in the 6 month size and then we headed over to look at boys' shirts. They really do a great job at picking out her clothes! Both are adept at finding the sizes, and have wonderful taste.

We found 5 shirts for the boys -- 3 for C and 2 for N. L had started getting fussy in the baby section, so I was carrying her and the boys were taking turns pushing the stroller. She was perfectly content as long as she was held. I should have put her in the sling, but I didn't bring it with me, as I planned on picking up the pictures and then heading home.

Around now, the boys were getting hungry. We headed over to the food court, but on the way I stopped in the women's section, where I found 3 shirts for myself. I was even able to try them on with little problem and determine that yes, they fit! and yes, I could nurse in them!

I purchased all those clothes for less than $120! The prices were close to 2nd hand store prices, and sometimes even less, for what we bought.

The boys chose meatballs as usual, and they gobbled up 2 huge meatballs each along with a breadstick. I fed L while they ate and then we headed home.

That may have been our longest outing since her birth! It was made so much easier because both boys were cooperative and helpful.

I have already put away all the new clothes while L is napping.

Our party for tomorrow was canceled. We're planning on a very relaxing, family day. I can't wait!

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