Tuesday, July 31, 2007

portraits, again

I took L for her 3 month portraits today. She absolutely hated it! She cried and fussed almost the entire time, but somehow the photographer managed to get 3 absolutely beautiful shots of her. We go to JCPenney portrait studio 95% of the time, and I'm happy with the portraits almost all the time. The photographers, (yes multiple!), took their time and quite a bit of effort to get great shots today. It helps, too, that I keep my eye out for great coupons. Today I had a $5 off coupon for filling out a survey, plus a coupon for $3.99 sheets.

I had taken the "big brother" and "little sister" t-shirts as well, but I didn't get a shot of the 3 together. They did get some shots of the boys in their big brother shirts that turned out adorable. When we got home, I snapped that shot on our couch of the 3 of them that I think turned out cute.

I still have the portraits from 6 weeks ago sitting in the envelope in my bedroom. Whoops! I need to cut them up and send them out before the next set arrives!

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