Friday, July 27, 2007

how'd I do?

Earlier in the month, I posted the projects I wanted to complete in July. Wondering how I did?

1. PAINT! (4 rooms, hallway & front door)

Well, our living room and hallway are painted. DH had a side job that took up a couple weekends, plus he's been sick since the end of June -- so this project wasn't completed, but a good start was made. We'll move the 3 rooms into projects for August!

2. Replace the living room rug.

This didn't happen. Partly for financial reasons, partly because we haven't had a chance to go out and even LOOK for a rug. We are having out of town company at the end of August, so this will either be done, or I'll just get rid of the rug completely.

3. De-clutter the desk in the hallway and clean out the homeschooling cabinets above it.

This is 1/2 way done. If things go well tomorrow, it'll be finished, so I'll still make my July deadline.

4. De-clutter the kitchen cabinets.

I think trying to do ALL the cabinets was too big a project to tackle. I did go through our glass/cup cabinet and also our Tupperware cabinet. These 2 cabinets were the worst, so I consider this accomplished (even though I will be going through more cabinets in the coming months.) I also got rid of most of our plastic kids' plates, which made my dish cabinet neater.

5. Finish moving the hundreds of CD's into CD albums.

Didn't even look at this project this month. Definitely moving it into the project list for September.

6. Clean out the linen closet.

I thought of this every time I went into the boys' bathroom, but didn't even start on it. Moving to August.

7. Plant plants in the 2 planters by our front door.

DH & I decided that spending the money on outdoor plants in July (the hottest month here in AZ) was a waste of resources. I agree. This will be put off until fall planting is safe.

8. Organize the children's books.

I have started this project. I have momentum, so I think I'll finish next week. I am using Library Thing and got a cue cat scanner, so I can scan the ISBN and the website helps me know exactly what I have. The scanner arrived yesterday, which is why I stalled on this project.

9. Make progress on my home management binder.

I did the financial section for this binder, so this task is complete. Additional sections will be tackled in the months ahead.

Hmmm, I only completed one project completely. At least progress is being made, however, and I'm further ahead than I was at the end of June!

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