Tuesday, July 24, 2007

12 weeks

L was 12 weeks old this past Sunday. She is awake more often, smiling lots and rarely laughing at us these days. Her personality is starting to shine through as she becomes more aware of her surroundings. She likes to be out and about, and loves to nap in her swing when at home. She will turn her head to find her brothers when they come barreling into a room.

Our nursing relationship is good and we're getting better at nursing when we're out and about. I bought a nursing cover-up this time around -- mainly because I knew I'd be out more often and it gives me peace of mind as I try to arrange ourselves so she can eat. C, especially, is very good at helping me get it situated so I don't flash any passers-by.

We've gotten into the habit of early evening swims, and she enjoys floating around in the water with me. I like going in after the sun goes down so I don't have to worry about slathering 4 people with sunscreen. The boys love swimming in the pool when it's lit only by the light inside the pool. (Well, they love swimming ANYtime!)

She slept from 11 to 7Am a couple nights, but we're back to a 2/3AM waking again. I'm okay with that as she still sleeps better than either boy did. If only I could find a way to nurse her while staying in bed in the middle of the night I wouldn't even notice. Maybe in a few more months when she's bigger I'll be able to nurse lying down.

She's up from her morning nap, so I better close this entry!

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