Thursday, July 05, 2007

fussy time

I know most babies have a fussy time during the day. And, for whatever reason, it often occurs during early evening. Right when meals need to be prepared, baths need to be given, bedtime routines followed for the older kids.

This is also the time of day when I am most worn down. When the broken sleep seems to affect me the worst. When I wish I could just roll into a ball and sleep in silence.

I'm grateful that I'm a SAHM and that my DH works as hard as he does. It's this time of day, though, when I miss him most. It's a rare evening when he's home before 9PM. As a salesman, he has to meet people when they're available, and people are available after their work day ends. I am grateful for the sales he makes which makes it possible for me to stay home, but on nights like this -- when NOTHING will please the baby and the boys are starving and they really want to hear the next chapter of "Trumpet of the Swan", I wish he was home. A couple years ago, he worked a 2nd job which meant he wasn't home 11PM most nights - so I'm grateful, too, that he no longer needs to do that.

But, OH, do I miss him right now.

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