Wednesday, July 11, 2007

doc appts

Took N in for his 5 yr checkup (2 months late . . . ) He's perfect in every way, according to the doc. Weight is 40lbs, 8oz and his height is 43 inches -- both place him smack at 50%. He was very shy with the doctor (a new one, our old doc moved back to Virginia), but she took my word that he was a normal and healthy 5 year old. She made a couple comments regarding homeschooling, but nothing that I thought was out of the ordinary -- mainly to make sure he knew how to hold a pencil correctly and also that he had social outlets through church and/or activities. She also suggested tongue twisters to help his articulation over referring us to a speech therapist. (Although she was willing to refer us, but I'm a bit reluctant, even though I'm the one that brought up the fact I had some concerns. I think he has fairly normal speech for a 5 year old and I shouldn't compare him to C.)

L had her first set of vaccinations. I went through a lot of angst over doing them, but decided in the end to let her have them. I feel that I know so much more than I did with C or N, but still don't feel justified in NOT vaccinating. My biggest concern is that she is like my sister and will have an adverse reaction; even though both boys were fine. Also, DH saw no reason to delay or avoid vaccinations.

ANYWAY, her weight is 10lbs, 2oz and her height is 23 inches. Both measurements place her at 25%. DH guessed she was about 11 1/2 lbs but I had guessed 10. If we had placed a bet, I would have won! LOL

We're back at the doctor late August for L's 4 month checkup.

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