Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Have We Been Doing?

It's been a busy few weeks around here.  I had the opportunity to travel to both Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Vancouver, British Columbia in the last 2 weeks to provide training, as well as teaching classes locally every day I wasn't traveling.  It was great seeing 2 cities I had never visited before, and I wish I had the chance to do some sightseeing while I was there!

Bo has been very busy around the house as well.  He was struck by a remodeling bug apparently, and has been updating our 9yo house like mad.  I mentioned our newly remodeled bedroom a while back, but since then he has also torn out the living room floor and replaced it, torn out the carpeting in the hallway and replaced it with laminate, finished the archway into our office, painted the hallway, and is in the process of remodeling the 2nd bathroom.  He has painted, replaced fixtures, and is in the process of replacing the vanity as well.  It's going to look awesome in there when he's done!  There's even talk of replacing our kitchen island.

Everyone always asks about the kids when I travel, but the kids do just fine.  We have always had a strong family bond and Bo has always been extremely involved with our kids.  While I know they miss me, they also miss Bo when he travels.  I have no worries when I travel and Bo is the primary caregiver as he is an awesome Dad.  There are no silly jokes around here about Dads who don't know how to cook, or clean, or get the kids to bed.  He does it all.  Of course, it's always easier when we're both around to handle it all, but we're both perfectly capable of picking up the slack when one is gone.

I don't have any trips on the horizon, so I know that I will be doing some of the behind the scenes things that go along with remodeling -- like cleaning out cupboards and organizing. We had our home built 9 years ago, and moved in October 2, 2001.  I'm excited about the changes we're making to update things a bit, and glad that we're able to get them done.

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