Friday, September 10, 2010

New Floors

For a while (at least a year, probably longer) we have talked about removing the rest of the carpet from our house.  Bo replaced our living room carpet with laminate 3 or so  years ago and we have been happy.

About a month ago, he happened upon some laminate that was a great price (.99/sq foot)  It was dark, and we're usually light wood people, but the price was right and he could purchase enough to replace all the carpet in our house (4 bedrooms and the hallway.)

He's had a little extra time this week, so he got started.  He started with Lydia's room and it looks great.  It took him about a day -- that was removing everything (including emptying the closet we hadn't really looked at in about 8 years), ripping up the carpet, laying the laminate and putting everything back.  I think the dark tones look awesome with her lavender walls.  We also took this opportunity to move her from a toddler bed into a twin bed -- which she loves.

Today, he started on our bedroom.  We emptied it out, he ripped up the carpet, and is still putting the floor down.  I think he has lost some steam for the project now that he is into it for 2 rooms.

We have a busy weekend ahead, so while I know we'll get our room back together before Sunday night, I'm thinking that the boys' room and the hallway will probably wait a few weeks.  I may be wrong . . . but it's okay if they aren't done next week.  I'm thrilled with the progress, and I know we have the laminate for when he's ready to tackle the back of the house!

I am so happy to be rid of the carpet.  Between 2 dogs (not at the same time) and 3 kids we had plenty of pee and juice stains on the carpet.  Even though we did our best to clean it, when we had to look at the bottom of the carpet, it was gross. I don't know how anyone could rip up carpet and then replace it with more carpet -- knowing how filthy it becomes.  I look forward to the ease of keeping laminate clean vs. wall-to-wall carpeting!

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