Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: Libman Mop and Giveaway!

Have I mentioned our new floors?  Okay, I know that I have!  One of the things that I love about having only laminate and tile (just 2 more rooms to do!) is that we won't need a vacuum cleaner anymore.

Libman sent me one of their Freedom mops to try out, and the entire family loves it!  You can see Nate using it in our living room.  What you couldn't know unless I told you, is that he picked it up and started using it with absolutely no prompting!  He saw the mop, grabbed it and tried it out.  When I asked him what he thought, he said it worked pretty good.

What I like about the Libman Freedom Mop is that the microfiber cloths that attach to the bottom can be washed in the washing machine, which means I'm not creating more garbage.  I also received an extra pad, so when one is in the wash, the mop can still be used.  The other thing I liked is that the spray bottle can be filled with whatever cleaning solution I choose -- vinegar, water & a bit of essential oil gets the job done!

But, the real question is: How does it work?  I'm happy to report that it does a great job on both our tile and our laminate floors.  The spray nozzle spreads the cleaning solution in front of the mop and the microfiber pads do a great job of scrubbing the floor.  I'm also happy using it without the spray in areas like the living room and hallway just to get the dust off the floor.

It's also easy for kids to use!  It's lightweight and both boys have no problem using it when their chores include cleaning floors. 

These mops are made in the USA by a 4th generation, family-owned company.  As well as trying to be green whenever possible, we also try to buy USA-made whenever possible!

I have to mention again how it is eco-friendly since you don't have to purchase brand-specific items as refills, and the pads are fully washable (company information says at least 50 times).  I can see the Libman Freedom Mop lasting a long time!

Visit their website for a $5 rebate on the Freedom Mop, or visit their Facebook page to see what promotions they are currently running.  You'll find the mop in most major retailers for a MSRP of $19.99 - $24.99.

One of my readers can see for themselves!  Libman has generously offered to send a Libman Freedom Mop to one of my readers.  Take note of the mandatory information to fill out the Giveaway Form.  This giveaway will end on October 8, 2010.  (Look on my right sidebar for the link to my giveaway rules page.)

Giveaway Name:  Freedom Mop
Mandatory Question: Tell me what cleaning job you dread around your house!

Good Luck!!

*Disclosure: I received a Libman Freedom Mop and refill pad thanks to a blogger tour arranged by Mom Bloggers Club for Libman.  They also provided the product to giveaway.  No additional compensation was provided.*


  1. I dread many... but my wood floors are not cleaned often enough because I have to have spray bottle in one hand and mop in the other... this is great that I can pour my hardwood floor cleaner in the container.. this would be perfect.


  2. Hmmmm. I think scrubbing the SHOWER is my least favorite job. Cleaning the toilet comes a close second :0!

  3. Sarah Bell1:13 AM

    Laminate floors are easier to be cleaned. No scrubbing ot vacuum needed. Carpet cleaning has been always very difficult for me. That's why replace old capret with new laminate floor :).

  4. I dread cleaning the bathroom!! melliemelo at gmail dot com

  5. Yay, I won, thanks


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