Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review: WaterPik SinuSense

Colin hates to have a runny nose, and he's prone to sinus infections.  When we had the chance to try out a couple of the new products in Waterpik's Sinus Health line, I wasn't sure if he'd be willing to squirt saline solution into his nose and let it drain back out.

The discomfort of a stuffy nose won out, and he was a willing participant in testing out the SinuSense squeeze bottle and the SinuSense neti bottle.  I'm still surprised he did it, but I did it as well so I knew it wouldn't be awful. 

We followed the directions and filled the bottle with warm, distilled water and added a saline packet.  Then he flushed his nose with the solution.  He said it definitely felt weird, but when he felt the relief, he was willing to do it again!  I think that's a pretty strong recommendation coming from a 9 year old!  However, he wasn't willing to let me take a video of the process, so you'll just have to take my word that it works (even if it's kinda gross.)

He has used both the squeeze bottle and the neti bottle a few times over the last month, at his request.  He prefers the neti bottle, as the flow is slower and easier for him to control.  They have provided him with relief, and it doesn't involve any OTC medication, which I like.

I'll admit that I have read about how great neti pots are for quite a while, but was never willing to try one before.  Now that we have, I know we'll continue to use them!

*Disclosure:  Thanks to WaterPik and MomSelect, we received product to facilitate this review.  Opinions and comments are solely mine.* 


  1. That's awesome Melanie - I've been wondering about these and I am glad to read this review!

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