Thursday, September 09, 2010

In Love With Salad

Both Nate & Lydia love a good salad.  I like to buy baby spring mix, so the lettuces have some nutritional value.  (I always remember learning that eating iceberg lettuce was the nutritional equivalent of eating a paper bag, so I try to make better choices.)  When we eat out, servers are often amazed that the kids eagerly eat salad.

Whole Foods has a campaign right now to add salad bars to public schools. You can visit the Salad Bar Project website to learn all the details, and how to work with your school for the chance for a salad bar.  The school my kids attend has a salad bar, but Nate informed me that he doesn't eat from it. Apparently it's out of the way of the regular lunch line, so he avoids it.  Colin sometimes visits the salad bar, because according to him, it's not really a salad bar, it's a fruit bar.  (he doesn't like any lettuce or salad dressing, which means he doesn't eat salad)

I sent Bo over to the school at lunchtime yesterday so he could check it out. The "salad bar" at our school has a variety of cut up fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as applesauce (or another canned fruit according to Colin)  The school also offers a chef salad as an alternative to the hot meal of the day that can be chosen from the main lunch line. 

We've encouraged Nate to visit the salad bar once in a while, but I know he still eats plenty of salads at home (in fact, his snack before bed last night was a big bowl of spring mix with a sprinkling of walnuts and Annie's Goddess dressing)  I think every school should have a salad bar, so I encourage you to check out the Salad Bar Project for yourself and see if you can help put a salad bar in a local school that doesn't currently have one.

*Disclosure: I received information about the Salad Bar Project, but was not compensated in any way for this post.*


  1. That is awesome that they have a salad bar at their school. My kids' school offers "salad" but it is wilted ice berg lettuce and dried out shredded carrots. :( I will check out the Salad Bar Project.

    Oh, and I think the paper bag actually would have more fiber content that ice berg lettuce does, so technically the bag is probably more nutritious than the ice berg lettuce. LOL! ;)

  2. Yea, there is really no salad bar at my youngest son's school. They do offer some canned fruit, but that's about it. My boys actually love salad, so long as there is ranch dressing. No ranch dressing, salad becomes a ??????

  3. I meant to add that so long as there is ranch dressing, they'll eat salad. Good grief, it's late.


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