Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: WebKinz, Jr.

A few years ago, my boys enjoyed the Webkinz stuffed animals and the computer games that went along with them. They have outgrown stuffed animals (but not computer games), but Lydia currently has quite a few favorite "honeys" (aka stuffed animals.)  When we were offered the chance to throw a Webkinz, Jr. party with a few of her friends, I was happy to accept.

We received a selection of the stuffed animals, fun music CD's, coloring books and information about Webkinz, Jr.  These animals are super-soft and cuddly!  Even if they didn't include an online world, they would be a great buy.

Lydia chose a giraffe for herself, and promptly named him Cesar.  I did get some feedback that the age range they were geared towards (3 - 6) might be a little young for online games. You've probably seen how proficient Lydia is with our iPad and her iPod Touch, so I didn't worry about that for her. In fact, one recent afternoon when the boys needed help with their  homework, she was happy to sit and play with Cesar in his online world.  When we first set it up, we played together clicking through to different areas, and then she also has played when I was nearby but not actively with her.

The online portion is not required, but adds to the fun.  Each animal comes with a special code that allows you access to their online world.  The code knows what kind of animal it came from, so the online pet matches the IRL pet.  Parents are required to set up the account, and there is also a parent area with information.

Lydia didn't explore as much as I remember the boys exploring when they were first introduced to Webkinz, but she definitely had fun clicking around and making her animal move around and check out his environment.  I also realize that she is on the low range of the suggested age range, and imagine even in another year she'll be more proficient.

The kids we shared the toys with had them in their arms as soon as the packaging was removed and had a great time naming them and playing with each other.  I took some time to share the online portion with the moms that attended, and they were impressed with the quality of the graphics, and the ease of play.

The kids were most excited about the snacks, and dancing to the music with their new friends.

I would definitely recommend these animals as gifts for young children. The quality of the animals is superb and the online world adds to the fun!

We want to thank Mom Select and Webkinz for letting us share the fun with some of our local friends!! Everyone had a great time!

*Disclosure: I received an awesome party pack from MomSelect and Webkinz to share Webkinz, Jr. products with friends in our home. I received no further compensation.  All images, opinions and text are my own.*

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  1. My 5yo has two of these and we really like them too - she does well with the online world too. The party sounds awesome!


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