Friday, March 19, 2010

Outside Again

It's another beautifully sunny day in our area, and we're headed outside to the Annual Spring Plant Sale at the Desert Botanical Garden.  A few years ago, I bought tomato plants that thrived (until I killed them off by neglect.)  I'm hoping for better luck this year in the plants I choose!  The boys are eager to help with a garden this year, and I think that will go far in keeping the plants alive.

Tomorrow, we're headed to Boyce Thompson VERY early to try and see the Turkey Vultures that roost there this time of year.  They're opening the Arboretum at 7AM to allow visitors the chance to see them roosting before they fly away -- which means we have to leave our house at 6AM.  Have I ever mentioned how much of a morning person I am not?  The boys are excited, though, so my sister will give me an early morning wake up call and we'll head out.  I will definitely share the pictures this weekend.

Checking the Boyce Thompson link I see that they have a plant sale going on as well! I'll have to check that out tomorrow, and choose carefully today!

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