Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Minute Emails

This morning, as I was throwing together beef stew for tonight's dinner, I received an email asking if I would be available to have a TV crew come to my home and interview me about safe baby/child products.  I took a deep breath  . . . looked around my house . . . and replied "Sure!"

Before they showed up, I shot this video to help me think about the products I was showing, and let go of some of my nervousness.  I realized I mis-spoke a couple times in my home video and hope I did better when the reporter was here.  The Lotus Bebe blankets are made from soybeans and BAMBOO.  I don't know why I said flannel, except that they are softer than flannel!

A few hours later, a very nice reporter and his cameraman showed up and we talked about being a mom, choosing products with little to no chemicals, writing a blog, my Frigidaire refrigerator (he was a bit incredulous that I received it in exchange for blogging . . . and I am, too, sometimes!  But I also know that I helped spread the word about the brand and showed my readers how it really worked in our home!) and then I talked about some of the products we had in our home. 

I'm curious to see how the show is edited and how excited Lydia will be to see herself on TV.  She still complains that she wasn't able to be on the last show (when I was live on Sonoran Living) so I'm glad she got her shot this time!  I'm also hoping I didn't say anything dumb.  The kids were all well-behaved . . . well, as well-behaved as 3 children their ages can be, I guess!

Here's Keith Yaskin, the reporter for Fox 10 News, with his camerman getting some final shots in my kitchen before they left.  I'll let you know when the episode airs -- I'm especially curious what others have to say about avoiding chemicals!

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