Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review: Putumayo Kids Jazz Playground

I recently received a copy of Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Playground and was excited to listen to it! Ever since I figured out I could stream my iTunes from my laptop to my XBox 360, we've been listening to more music. My kids all love music, and we've been fans of the Putumayo Kids series for a long time!

This jazz album does not disappoint!  I started playing it when the kids were outside, and when they came in, Nate immediately said "Hey! Jazz!"  Jazz is probably his favorite genre of music right now, and one of his favorite jazz musicians is Poncho Sanchez. This Putumayo CD is geared towards kids, and the sound and vocals are very kid-friendly -- but still jazz!

My 3 were bouncing and dancing around the living room to the entire CD, which we played multiple times.  Nate asked for it to be copied onto his MP3 player, so he could listen to it more often.

One of our favorite songs is "Stomp Stomp," which you can listen to here, as well as 2 more songs from Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Playground.   Other favorites were "Shortnin' Bread" and "Agree & Disagree".  My mom always sang "Shortnin' Bread" when I was younger, and I often sing it to my kids. This version has a much better rhythm than mine!  LOL!

This was a wonderful CD, and one I know will get plenty of play in our home.


*Disclosure: I received a copy of this CD for review. No additional compensation was provided. The links in this post are affiliate links.*

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