Monday, March 01, 2010

Review: June Bee Baby Hand Knit Clothes

 Sometimes, you come across a piece of clothing so adorable and well-made that it makes you want to have more babies just to pass down the cuteness!

This sweater from June Bee Baby is an example. When I received this sweater, I was immediately blown away by how soft it was.  Once I pulled it fully out of the packaging, I couldn't help but exclaim how adorable it was!

I had read that the clothing from June Baby are handmade, and I began looking over the sweater. It is absolutely flawless!  June (the owner) shared with me that every stitch is done by hand!  It's like receiving a piece of clothing made by an extremely talented grandmother!

Whenever Lydia wears this Baby Blossoms sweater, I am always stopped and asked where I found such a sweet sweater.  The sweater can be found at June Bee Baby, along with many other beautiful pieces for girls and boys.

Something that fascinated me about this store is that each piece is handmade. As someone who struggles crocheting more than a few lines, I am definitely impressed by the level of quality of this handiwork. I found out that June (who has a dual citizenship with the US and Turkey) works with a variety of women in Turkey who knit each of the unique patterns in their homes!  You won't find any other children at the playground with the same pieces of clothing (unless they've also shopped at June Bee Baby!)

High quality, natural fibers are used on all pieces.  Each piece is either hand-knit or crocheted from cotton, cashmere or wool. The weight of this sweater is perfect for our mild winters.

You can see how much Lydia enjoys wearing this sweater, too!  She loves the ruffles around the wrists and refers to them as her bracelets.

I know my maternal grandmother would have loved crocheting for my daughter, and these pieces have the look and feel of that type of love. It is obvious that each piece is carefully created and expertly finished. I am thrilled that we were exposed to this site and I'm currently saving up to purchase one of the dresses for Easter!

Would you like to order one of these gorgeous pieces? June has generously offered me a discount code for my readers that I'd like to share with you!

For the month of March (until 3/31/2010), you can use the code SPRING25 to receive 25% off any piece in the collection.   I know you will be thrilled with whichever piece you choose! (And I'd love to see a picture of whatever you may choose!)

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