Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - My Phone

My Wordless Wednesday shot was of Lydia, taking a picture with her princess phone. 

She can't leave home without her purse and her phone, and will make me wait until she finds her phone some days.  She likes to flip it open and call her Aunt Bunny, or her grandparents, or sometimes Uncle Matt.  Every once in a while, even Mrs. C or Mrs. J receive a phone call when she wants to check up on their children.

She will shush us if we try to talk while she's having a conversation, and she sometimes will even turn away so she can have her conversation in private.  It's very cute to watch . . . even if it is like looking in a mirror!

Did you play Wordless Wednesday yesterday?  Don't forget to tell your story and link it up at Tell Me Thursday!

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