Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review: Hot Locks Dolls

I was lucky enough to be included in another fun toy party with a product that is *just* released to market. This time, I received a box of Hot Locks dolls to check out and share with our local buddies.

Lydia will be 3 next month, and she loves baby dolls and Barbies already, so I thought these might be a fun addition to her collection.  For a girl who hates having her hair brushed, these dolls have been great!  They have very long hair, and come with a comb and other accessories.  Lydia has had a great time combing and playing with their hair, and I've been successful in brushing her hair when I hand her her doll so she can brush the doll's hair at the same time.  For that alone, I was happy with these dolls!

We had the chance to share them with others this weekend, and I was interested to see what other girls would think.  We had a variety of ages -- Lydia was the youngest at 35 months and the oldest was 9yo. All the girls thought the dolls were tons of fun.  In mere moments, they had the dolls out of the packaging (and the packaging was easy to get into -- no hermetically sealed and sewed and taped and tied dolls here!) and were playing with the hair.  The long, silky, colorful hair!

The hair quickly gets messy, but isn't that true of all dolls?  The girls didn't seem to mind!  They stayed busy combing, placing barrettes, and trying out the styling chair that made braiding easy.   One of the dolls even came with a flat iron which placed jewels in the dolls' hair.

The moms were a bit taken aback by one doll - - Harlow -- who looked like she was wearing fishnet stockings.  More than one mom joked "Is her name Harlot?" Nobody felt the fishnet stockings were appropriate for a girl's doll.  

The dolls are smaller than a Barbie. Their hair is brightly colored, and their clothes are brightly colored as well.  The wide set eyes reminded Lydia of the commercials she saw recently for Sprout's new show - Dirt Girl - so she has taken to calling the red-headed Ryann doll her "Dirt Girl."   The regular dolls have 14" of hair to play with, the deluxe dolls have twice that amount.

The dolls have been released only in the Phoenix and Chicago markets, but I'm sure they'll spread across the country soon. Visit Wowee's website for all the details and to see where they are available.

They are a big hit at our house, and if you have young girls, I'm sure you'll find them living in your house soon!

Disclosure: To facilitate this review, I received a party pack of dolls for my daughter, and to give away to guests from Mom Select and Wowee Toys at no cost to me.  All opinions and statements are my own.


  1. Do the dolls have make-up like the Bratz?

  2. They have a little bit of makeup, but nothing like the braatz dolls! Their faces are sweet!

  3. Wow, Jen would LOVE this doll. She is all about doing the hair lately. Her AG doll has shoulder length hair which is "just not long enough". LOL! I hope these make it to the SE soon.


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