Monday, April 02, 2007

OB update

Good news:

No planned change in delivery plans. The plan right now is that I can go into labor on my own and proceed as wanted.

Little concern that I've lost 5 lbs since Wednesday, and am 10 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. Low blood sugar numbers are most important right now.

No plan for insulin. The plan is that I just eat less and do what I can to keep the blood sugar under control.

So-So News:

I'm going to weekly OB appointments. This isn't too early, actually -- don't they usually start around 36 weeks anyway? I'm 34 weeks this week.

I also have to go to the hospital weekly for non-stress tests and ultrasounds. This will be most difficult, as I can't take the boys, and can't even make definite appointments. I have to call and see if a triage room is available . . . this should get interesting. I start tomorrow.

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