Thursday, April 12, 2007

it's morning

Well, actually late morning. This week I've accomplished . . . schooling. 3 loads of towels. bathing myself and dressing myself.

I think that's it. UGH!

I need to sort through the bedroom stuff in the living room because C is having a playdate tomorrow with 2 of his friends from the enrichment program. One mom has no problem dropping her son off, the other mom has asked if she can stay. I've never met her. I have to entertain her for 3 hours or so. I'm not looking forward to it.

I did have groceries delivered this morning. I will need to go pick up produce, but that's a much easier grocery run than an entire shopping trip! I've tried having produce delivered, but it's hit & miss so I've learned I'm better off going out myself.

I was put on a small dose of oral meds for the gestational diabetes at my appointment earlier this week. My blood sugars have been high, and I admit to being discouraged and skipped too many meals this past week. I started the medication today, and have to get back on track making sure I eat every 2 hours in the proper balance of carbs and proteins. My blood pressure was also high at the office, so it's yet another thing to watch. I haven't been for this week's NST yet even though I know I need to go. Unfortunately, DH's schedule makes it impossible for me to count on him any day other than Monday. He has another night call today so I won't be able to do it today either. I might ask my sister if she can come over after work, but she's busy with her studies as well as having an early bedtime (she works a 6 - 3 shift with an hour+ commute.)

That's my update for now. I've decided April 29 is a good day for a birthday. Let's see if I have any say over the matter ;)

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