Friday, April 27, 2007

April 29 birth day

My doctor asked me to get my blood pressure taken today bc I had a headache when they called to check on me. I did and it was 149/92. When I reported that back to the office, they sent me directly to the hospital.

After a few hours of monitoring, etc . . . I was sent home on complete bed rest until Sunday morning when the baby will be born via c-section. She is doing great, but the concern is my safety.

Prayers are appreciated. I have a lot of thoughts about this -- but the bottom line is that I'd like to live to raise all my children -- so a c-section it is.

Will post next week again when we're home from the hospital. Please pray, too, that I find a way to find people to care for the boys while I'm in the hospital and that I can find some help when I come back home. DH won't really be able to take much, if any, time off and I'm scared about my recovery without help.

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  1. Oh Melanie, you are most certainly in my prayers. It must be awful having this anxiety about being unsupported at a time when you need support most.

    Praying all goes well, but also that this anxiety doesn't overshadow your meeting your daughter face to face for the first time :-)


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