Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, not really a dream I guess. Every time I woke last night, I was sure my water had broken. It hadn't -- I just had to pee a gallon again -- but it was a constant thought each time I woke.

In my last 2 labors, my water has broken before contractions started. Of course I don't know what will happen this time, but my subconscious at least assumes we'll start the same way.

Our bedroom has been rearranged. The baby's bassinette and changing table/cabinet are in there. The toddler beds are out, but the mattresses are slid under our bed in case of need. Unfortunately, a bunch of stuff from my bedroom is currently sitting all over my living room and I need to figure out what to do with it and I just don't feel like it. I lost a bunch of storage because I used to store things under the toddler beds and our bed. DH feels like his job is done since he moved everything out, and moved back in the "important" things.

I want to get that squared away, and clear out the last cluttered spot in my hallway before giving birth. I almost let my cleaning help go, but realized that I didn't want to do that. I have laundry to fold, and more laundry to do . . . and the kitchen table to clear of clutter . . . and I've given up the thought of clearing the office before the baby is born. I'm just tired. Hopefully I'll get a burst of energy soon. OH, and I still need to sort/purge the boys' clothes. And pack my hospital bag. And get some things listed on craigslist.

We've got to get to today's schooling before my OB appointment this afternoon. I met with the diabetes educator yesterday who was going to recommend that I be put on oral medication to control my blood sugars since my numbers weren't being well controlled by diet and I was losing weight. It'll be interesting to see what my OB thinks.

I'm officially 35 weeks tomorrow. I realize I could have this babe any day now. You'd think that would motivate me a bit more!

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  1. Anonymous6:49 AM

    hope the OB appt went well!

    I can't believe you're getting so close - wasn't it just yesterday you were testing?


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