Saturday, April 14, 2007

no more stuff!

I'm pretty sure I've bought everything we need for the babe's arrival. I came across this Eloise Wilkin's baby journal at Amazon though and couldn't resist. I absolutely love Eloise Wilkins and even though the journals I have for C & N are basically empty . . . I decided I needed to at least buy one for the new baby. Maybe I'll fill out some of the information in all the books this year. (a girl can always hope!)

I have a small pack of disposable diapers for that first week of meconium, plenty of baby washcloths for wipes, cloth diapers, newborn size diaper covers, onesies, sleepers, blankets, co-sleeper, baby carriers (somehow I have ended up with 5. A couple months ago I had none because I had given all of mine away. Now I have a maya wrap, a mesh pouch sling, a Moby wrap style carrier, another Moby style carrier and a solarveil ring sling. Ummm, yea, I'm not quite sure how that happened.), a boppy pillow, a couple nursing nightgowns, a couple nursing bras, car seat, stroller . . .

Yea, we don't need another thing. The only thing I'm thinking of would be small diaper covers when she's too big for the newborn ones, but I feel like I can wait on those.

And I have a rant about motherwear. When I was nursing C, I bought some clothes from them that I absolutely loved. They had a great selection of plus-size wear and it was well-made and comfortable. The fabric was high quality and the styles were cute. I recently ordered a couple things from them and have been disappointed. I ordered this maternity "dress" on clearance that I figured I would use as a nightgown. It'll be fine as a nursing nightgown, but the material is much too flimsy for me to consider wearing it as a dress! I only paid $9.50 for it, which is about what it is worth -- but the regular price was $59!!! I also ordered another nightgown that is considered a transitional gown, and the sizing seems small to me. It'll be fine once I give birth, but at 9 months pregnant, there's no extra room. I literally wore out 2 of the nursing dresses I bought from them when nursing C and had 2 or 3 of their nursing tops. After seeing the quality of this "dress", I doubt I'll order anything more from them. I've been debating ordering from their ebay clearance to check out the quality of their tops these days, but I may just try instead for some nursing wear once I have an idea of the size I'll need after giving birth.

I'm heading into week 36! Any day between now and the middle of May we could be welcoming her into the world! My hospital bag is 1/2 packed . . . need to finish that soon!

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