Tuesday, April 24, 2007

37 weeks tomorrow!

Highlights of today's doctor appointment:

* Blood pressure was perfect! (first time in weeks . . . )

* Blood sugars are still a bit wacky, but not super-high. Suggested that I eat more protein. bleck. but will do my best.

* Lost 3 lbs. Talk about kick-starting a postpartum weight loss plan! LOL! Thankfully I have plenty to lose, so this isn't an issue.

* Bumped to (2) non-stress tests at the hospital weekly. Hoping babe decides to arrive this week to avoid that.

* Doc will be out of town 5/2 and 5/3. Hoping baby arrives prior to those dates, or waits until after. She totally supports my vbac plan, but admitted that one of her backup docs won't be very happy about it. She suggested that if that happens I should wait as long as possible before heading to the hospital -- something I was planning to do anyway.

* Cervix is very low, and I'm dilated about 3cm.

I've been having contractions on and off all week -- at least I know they've been doing something. Still nothing regular or painful -- but I do notice them.

The boys and I went to the kids art museum after the appointment and had a nice hour or so of it. I was sick of walking after that, and grateful we had a membership so I didn't feel like we wasted the admission price.

The boys did schooling today with minimal fuss. N still argues quite a bit about getting started, but does just fine once he does. I need to work on transitions with him some more -- he really struggles with going from one activity to another still.

Gotta switch some laundry so I have clothes to wear tomorrow!

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