Friday, April 20, 2007

job blessings

We are so much blessed with DH's job. He has a wonderful boss -- which he hasn't had in years and is a welcome change in our lives.

His current territory is the entire state of Arizona, so there are plenty of days when he is traveling 50-200 miles one way to sales calls. Knowing I'm expecting, his boss has been calling him to check out the available calls before assigning them. Today, there were 2 in a city about 100 miles away, and a joint call available locally. DH asked me; I told him I wasn't contracting so he should take the better opportunity (which is the 2 calls far away). He let his boss know and he let DH know that if I need to get to the hospital they've already worked out how to get me there. Isn't that sweet?

I could tell you stories about former companies he's worked for out here -- and the lies they've told -- and the money they've cheated us from . . . but I won't. I'm grateful he is where he is right now and thankful my family is well provided for these days.

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