Thursday, July 27, 2006


I may have mentioned my dismay that my teeth suffered during our lean years. Last summer, I had started getting some of the issues addressed . . . and then DH lost his job. Another tooth crumbled in my mouth a couple months ago, and last night I finally made it back into a dentist's chair.

He came back with the x-ray and looked at me and asked if I was able to sleep at night. I replied that I was. As he was showing me the x-ray, he told me that he would have thought he'd come in and find me in tears from the pain. Apparently the tooth I came in for is completely rotted and infected to the bone.

And, here I thought I was just having a rotten headache (not unknown to me).

I'm currently on penicillin and a prescription painkiller as I wait to get an appointment for the oral surgery consult (not until 4 weeks) where I will then have to make an appointment to have the tooth extracted. There's nothing to save. The dentist told me that he wouldn't be surprised if the entire tooth imploded before I made it to the consult.


I have a high pain tolerance. But, I have to admit that I did take a painkiller this afternoon and while I feel loopy, I also feel better than I have in weeks. Constant pain (even though I think I'm tolerating it) isn't any fun. I'm guessing that once the penicillin does its work, I'll feel even better when my body is rid of this infection.

I was afraid to ask him to look at the crumbled tooth on the other side of my mouth. I will, though . . . but it can wait until the next consult.

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  1. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Praying that you are feeling better soon!

    BTW I like your new look! :)


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