Tuesday, July 04, 2006

inspired by Alexa

Alexa showed some pictures of her house tonight - so I was inspired to share some of mine ;)

This is the boys' playroom. Each drawer has a specific content -- we have a car drawer, people drawer, animal drawer, 2 dress-up drawers, 2 leap pad drawers, puppet drawer, food drawer. Then, plenty of bins for all their building blocks, playmobil items, dominoes, etc. Unseen is another 3 drawer set for all the Fisher Price people/extras and a shelving unit with the Fisher Price big pieces (farm, ark, castle, raceway). Also unseen is the bin full of musical instruments and the small 3 drawer piece full of "tools".

They have a ton of fun in this tent - and I love that I found it for $5 on clearance!

Staying with the theme of the boys - here's their bathroom: The theme is balls. My mom has fun sending items to re-do their bathroom periodically. When we first moved in, she sent us all the things for a yellow duck bathroom. We've had the ball bathroom for a while now - - it might be time for Grandma to re-do it again! Their wastebasket is also ball-themed.

And, here's their bedroom. Both beds have 3 large drawers underneath. One is full of dinosaurs, one is full of miscellaneous treasures, one is full of underwear & pjs. The mural was beautiful, but unfortunately didn't stay on the wall very well (it used to cover 2 walls) - so we'll be re-doing their bedroom sometime this year. The walls are painted a yummy chocolate milk color (found in the "oops paint" section of Home Depot!) In these pictures you can't see their dressers - both were designed and made by B. They were gorgeous, but have taken some beatings in the last 5.5 years. Our plan is to re-model their closet with built-in drawers so all the clothes can go in the closet, and we'll put bookshelves on that wall.

Here's the hallway to their playroom & bedroom:

I have a shoe organizer hanging on their playroom door filled with postcards and pictures. It's a fun decoration piece - and very inexpensive! The hallway also holds 3 bookshelves and an antique desk B & I refinished soon after we met. I want to re-frame most of the photos on the walls of the hallway so that they match better; and I want cabinets in the alcove above the desk for homeschooling stuff. Hopefully that will happen this summer.

And looking back down the hallway from their bathroom:

Tomorrow maybe I'll share some of my kitchen and living room . . .


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Hey! That's cool! I didn't see it the first time I posted at "staying home"...but I enjoyed it!

  2. I am so nosey that I have to tell you I just loved the glimpse into your home!


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