Monday, July 03, 2006

lost keys

I lost my husband's keys.

We stopped to pick up the mail Saturday evening. He was driving with my keys (we only have one key for the van) so he handed me his keys to get the mail. Our neighborhood has locked individual mailboxes at the end of the street.

I must have left his keys hanging in the mailbox . . . because when we looked for them Sunday morning we couldn't find them. Sunday night I went down to the mailboxes and saw our box hanging open. My heart just dropped! I went over hoping the keys were still hanging there, but they weren't. They weren't in the box either. I searched around the boxes with no luck.

I put up a sign with our phone number hoping that somebody picked them up and is going to be looking for a sign. No calls yet though!

Our neighborhood isn't that big - so if it wasn't a kid that picked them up to play with - it wouldn't take much to figure out which truck the truck key belonged to . . . and then which house the house keys belong to. Plus, DH's locking truck bed keys were on the ring.

We're going to have to change our house locks, change the truck locks, and the truck bed lock. I don't know how much this is going to cost. And then there's the worrying that is happening before we change the locks . . . and the wonder of how long to wait in hopes that someone returns the keys before we spend the money to replace the locks?

UGH. I feel so absolutely stupid. I've lived with a locked mailbox the 7 years we've lived in Arizona and I've never done this before.

Thankfully, DH is not angry with me or even upset with me. I am so grateful that he takes things so well and doesn't place blame. But, I am so very frustrated with myself!!

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