Saturday, July 15, 2006

Brother's Day

Alexa (or was it her son, Rocky?) declared July 15 to be "Brother's Day!"

In celebration of such a day - I present you with my one & only brother -- M. He is shown here wearing his usual daily uniform in MS a month or so ago -- where he has been training in preparation to head over to the Middle East sometime this month (it's a secret . . . we'll know he's there once he's already there)

There are 12 years between my brother and I -- and while he & I haven't always had the easiest relationship, I love him as only a sister can.

There are many stories I could tell - but this seems appropriate for the time - when he was 5 -- some fool from the neighborhood knocked him off his bike. I saw it, and took off running after the kid -- chased him into his house and had him about 2 feet off the floor against the wall explaining to him why it would be a good idea to stay away from my brother. All in front of his mother. To whom I explained that her son was a hooligan and she should keep a better eye on him! I may not be able to run as fast as I could at 17, but I would still chase down any person who dared threaten him!

With so many years between us, our relationship has often been more like a mother/son - but maybe one of those moms who only want to be their kids' friend but still worry about them quite a bit. We have a great mom -- but my brother & sister were often left in my care, so we have a unique bond.

Anyway -- I love you, bro! Please keep him and all the other soldiers in the Middle East in your prayers.

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