Monday, July 10, 2006


Today, both boys had dentist appointments - their first ever. Yes, I know you're supposed to start at 1 year . . . but we didn't have dental insurance or the extra funds until now.

The office personnel and the dentist were very nice. I have heard horror stories of dentists not allowing mothers in the examining area, or holding kids down for x-rays -- but this office was gentle, compassionate, and very friendly.

Each boy had x-rays - but only the front top & bottom. They tried to get side x-rays, but they both gagged and they didn't try more than once. (And I didn't even tell them how I threw up in the dental chair last time they did side x-rays on me!)

Then, the dentist did a thorough cleaning, and a flouride wash and gave them goody bags with new toothbrushes, plastic frogs, stickers and a flosser. The only thing that marred the vist for C was that they spelled his name wrong on the "No Cavity Club" certificate.

Yep, both boys came through with a clean mouth - no cavities! I knew I was going to feel guilty if they did.

If we didn't have dental insurance, the visit for both boys would have cost me $358!!!! With our current insurance, I owed the dentist only $35.80. There's a cap of $1,000 of benefits per family member - so the boys will be fine, but B & I will end up owing who knows how much to get our teeth fixed. I have my first appointment in over a year in 2 weeks . . . last time I visited the dentist they gave me an estimate of almost $6,000 for my mouth! YEOUCH! I did spend almost $1500 at that time on some work, but I still don't have $4500 to spend!

Tomorrow we head to the pediatric eye doctor for N. His 4 yr well-child visit at the pediatrician showed him as a little far-sighted, so they suggested we have him checked out. While there, I need to make an appointment for C - since last year he was diagnosed as a little near-sighted; but not enough to correct.

Wednesday, a friend and her kids are coming to play and for lunch. She asked me tonight about cloth diapers, so I'm going to pull mine out and see if she's interested in them. She had been slightly interested when her oldest (a couple months younger than N) was an infant, but never made the switch. She has a 4 month old now, though, that is sensitive to the disposables.

Thursday, a new sitter will come over so she can get to know the boys better and be comfortable in our house. She's watching the boys for the entire day next Friday, so I wanted to make sure she was comfortable before leaving her on her own here. I'll stay home and work on the office while she plays with the boys for an hour or so.

Another busy week!

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