Friday, July 14, 2006

errands day

Today was an errands day. I tried getting out of the house early this morning, but the boys were involved in some elaborate game involving wooden fences, dinosaurs and the McDonald's Cars toys . . . so we didn't leave until closer to 11.

First we headed to one bank, where I cashed a couple checks and got our homeschooling affidavit notarized (woo hoo - it'll go in the mail and we'll be "official" and I can get my 20% educator's discount at Borders and Barnes & Noble!).

A stop at the library - only to find that it didn't open until 1 on Fridays (they recently reduced the hours dramatically, which I knew, but I thought they opened at noon on Fridays.)

We stopped at the dollar store where the boys picked up 2 hula hoops (smaller size, so easier for them to use . . . although they've been using them as racetracks since we got home) and I got a bunch of goodies to send to my brother once he arrives in the Middle East.

Off to a different bank to pay our mortgage.

McDonald's for lunch. Happy Meals for the boys - and toys they already have so they want me to sell them on ebay next month (we ended up buying Mater & Ramone from ebay last week . . . so they think it's a great idea to sell their duplicates.)

The water company to pay the water bill (yes, I could mail it -- but it's the only bill besides the mortgage that I can't pay online . . . so I usually just drop it off on an errands day).

The post office. There was a long wait, but I needed to send a certified letter, and needed some stamps. I asked for Disney stamps . . . not realizing until I got home that they are .37 stamps instead of .39 stamps . . . which means I need .02 stamps now. Ugh. I wish the post office person would have told me!

And then back to the library to choose some books and videos.

We made it home around 3. And ordered pizza for dinner.

Not a bad day at all ;) Now if only DH would come home early enough to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie!

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