Wednesday, July 05, 2006

more house pictures . . .

Here's our living room. DH just replaced the carpeting with this laminate flooring and I love it! We bought our leather couch when we moved to AZ 7 years ago. They delivered it, I went to the bathroom, and our dog bit a hole in the corner of one of the cushions! It wasn't even in the house for 10 minutes. urrrgh! I've used superglue over the years to hold the hole closed.

Here's the kitchen. The island is one of my favorite things about this kitchen. The boys usually eat their breakfasts and lunches at the island, and also use it for drawing and crafts. It also gives me lots of extra storage. We're thinking of painting the kitchen a pale-ish orange color this summer.

This is the eating area in our kitchen. We don't have a dining room - this is it. It works perfect for our family, but it's hard to have people over. The drawers are full of craft supplies, and I hang various creations from the wire on the wall. The doorway in this picture leads to our bedroom.

The remaining rooms in our house are the office, laundry room and our bedroom. Those rooms are in need of a good cleaning, however . . . so I won't be posting pictures anytime soon. LOL!


  1. So what kind of flooring is this...solid or laminate? Was it the kind you lock together? We are thinking of putting wood flooring in our den when we remodel that area. Just curious how long this took and how difficult it was. Can't compare pricing since you live in Arizona and we are in Indiana though...most likely.

  2. Oh, I also meant to say I love your house! Looks so homey!

  3. Thanks Suzanne : ) I sent you an email about the flooring - let me know if you don't get it (sent to the email in your profile)


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