Tuesday, July 18, 2006

mini vacation

We took a mini-vacation to a local resort this weekend. We went to the Pointe South Mountain and had a fabulous time. For a very low price (at least considering the winter rates) we stayed in a 2 room suite that was beautiful. The resort has a water park (the reason I chose to stay there) - so after we checked in and changed into our suits, we called and had a shuttle come to drive us the 3 minutes to the water park area. (The resort is pretty big - and it is pretty hot - so the shuttle was a wonderful thing!)

The water park has a wave pool, a baby pool (1.5 feet deep throughout), sprinkler area, lazy river, water slides and a hot tub. Waitstaff is available to take your orders as you're lounging by the pool, so I had a few frozen alcholic drinks and then we ate an early dinner by the pool as well.

After we were done swimming (maybe 5 hours?!) we headed back to the room, changed back into clothes, and had the shuttle take us to one of the restaurants on the property. We chose to go to the Rustlers Roost to have steak. The restaurant was very rustic and it was fun. Too pricey to consider returning . . . the tables were also too small and the food was "okay" - nothing fantastic. The boys ate free, which is always a plus, and after all that swimming, they chowed down another meal with no problem.

The shuttle returned us to our room, where I put the boys to bed and B worked on a presentation he had to give the next night. In the morning, I debated about ordering room service ($11.50 for a breakfast burrito!!!!) but in the end decided to send B to the Sonic down the road (breakfast for the 4 of us for $10.75!)

We checked out of the room, drove our van close to the water park, and spent another 4 hours playing in the water. Then, lunch at a Mexican place close by and home.

It was a very relaxing way to spend the weekend. My sister was sweet enough to stay here overnight to take care of our dog. And, one of the nicest things was that we were only 35 minutes from home! So, a short drive and we were back in our own house. LOL!

We talked about how much fun it will be when we have our pool installed . . . and when we got home there was a message that our permit is complete! They start digging the pool tomorrow!!!

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