Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Resolutions Reviewed

On January 1, I listed a few resolutions I set for 2010.  I guess it stinks sometimes to put them in writing, stuck on the Internet, so I could look back and see how I did.  I only listed 3, but managed to fulfill only 1.

There was a ton of travel in our family in 2010.  We started the year with a trip to the Grand Canyon, and made trips as a family to Tucson, Camp Verde, Flagstaff twice, Vegas, a local resort, Milwaukee (the boys & Bo, and then later me & Lydia) and California.  There was even more travel as I traveled for 2 different clients (Winslow, New Mexico, Iowa and British Columbia) and even Bo traveled for work (Minnesota).  I don't think a month went by without somebody traveling, and many months had multiple trips.  So, our desire for travel, and specifically visiting more of Arizona was definitely met.

My plan to use reusable bags more often should have been an easier resolution to keep than traveling, but I wasn't very good about it.  I have a nice collection, but I'm still not in the habit of remembering to use them regularly.

And, I still can't crochet more than a chain.  I think too many things came up and a quiet pursuit like crocheting just didn't fit into our life in 2010.

One resolution that I didn't share last year was one that Bo made.  He said he wanted to visit Disney again this year.  I didn't blog about most of the challenges we've faced in the last couple years, but I will share that we've had our fair share and I was extremely skeptical when he made that declaration back in January.  And, then, as things happened through the year, it seemed less and less probable.  But, we kept it as a goal, and slowly but surely managed to put the trip together.

So, even though my results were 1 out of 3 (2 out of 4 if we count in Bo's resolution), I still think there is something to be said for declaring a goal and working towards it.  To be honest, the most important resolution for me was to travel more -- and I met that with great success.  Maybe I should make only one resolution a year, and focus even harder on that one . . . who knows where else we might have gone if I had done that this year?


  1. I think one goal is "do-able". If I make more than one resolution, I feel overwhelmed trying to make them all come true! LOL!

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Well, you did complete one out of three. And the benefits your kids gain from those experiences will be measured for years to come. Don't give up on those bags. Get the kids to fold them right back up after you shop and put them back in the car where you're sure to see them the next time you get to the store.

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Heh, I just went back and looked at last year's post. And my comment. I am crazy about the bags. And who knew then that I'd be thinking about Organ Pipe this Feb... Also give yourself some credit for some of the things you changed this year that you hadn't even though of on Jan 1. Like the elimination or near elimination of paper towels at your house.

  4. My bags are folded up neatly in my kitchen. Or in my car. Even the signs on the cart returns reminding me to bring my bags in rarely work. I do plan to keep trying . . . I hate those stupid plastic bags. And, yes, I have done a lot this year -- between paper towels and hiring a recycling service, I've done my part to green the environment :)

  5. And, travel really was the most important thing I wanted to do this year and I succeeded at that most spectacularly.


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