Monday, December 06, 2010

Review: EpiSencials

I recently received a box of Episencials, a line of skin care products geared towards children, but perfect for everyone aged 0 - 150!  Lydia immediately noticed the Eric Carle design on the bottle of playful foaming wash and wanted to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar right away.

Books aside, the skin care line is very nice.  It is made from all natural products, including essential oils and even sugar as a surfectant to aid cleaning.  What I really liked is that everything is natural -- including the fragrance -- which is from natural fruit extracts and not a man-made chemical. Many of the ingredients are from organic plants.  Even the bottle is

Everything is made in the USA (and you know how much I like to see that!), their products are manufactured with solar power AND the recycled bottles are both phthalate and BpA-free.

Episencial and Mommy Parties sent me a box of goodies to share with my friends, which is just what I did!  I was able to share with some moms at home, and others at work that couldn't come to my house for a get-together.  Everybody got a bottle of the playful foaming wash and samples of more products. I shared the tube of the diaper cream to the mom with the youngest child still in diapers.

In Arizona, we always battle dry skin.  I really liked the silkiness of the better body butter, and how easily it soaked in.  A step up from that is their soothing cream.  That is formulated for eczema, itches and bothered skin -- and it has made a huge difference in the rash that Lydia often has on her chin and cheeks.  It includes jojoba oil, neem, calendula and probiotics to help protect and heal the skin.

Everyone was so busy chatting and playing, that I kinda forgot to take any pictures of the get-together.  BUT, I did take a video of Lydia in the bath using the foaming wash, so you can see her reaction to it.

You can find out all the information about Episencial at their website. They are also active on Facebook.  In fact, check out their Facebook page for information about a preschool grant program they are currently sponsoring.

I really like the Episencial products I tried.  It is so hard to know what is really natural, or what is marketed as natural and sometimes it is confusing.  Episencial has done a good job of explaining all their ingredients, and I feel confident that they are high-quality, natural products made with high quality ingredients.  I'll be giving Episencial at the next baby shower I attend!

*Disclosure: I received products for myself and to share with my friends from Mommy Parties and Episencial.  No further compensation was provided.  All opinions, thoughts, words and video are my own.*

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