Friday, December 03, 2010

Review: Tony Hawk: Shred

We have been playing Tony Hawk: Shred for a week or so and have had a great time.  We received a bundle with the game and controller for our Wii and I think it has become Nate's favorite Wii game!

The focus of the game is to ride skateboards or snowboards in a variety of settings with a few different characters. The bundle came with a skateboard controller that lies on the floor.  All the controls are handled on the skateboard by leaning your body left or right, or lifting the board up from the front or back.  The kids quickly caught on to the controls, but I confess that my bum ankle means that I have a difficult time balancing on the board. Using the board controller definitely requires good balance!

Nate (8yo) has started figuring out more tricks, and even Lydia (3yo) has gone through the training portion and plays the game (although she cheats a bit on how she uses the controller by standing off the board and using her foot to tip it up or down.)  Colin (10yo) prefers the snowboarding game vs. skateboarding, but I think that's just a personal preference because his brother prefers skateboarding.

I shot this video last week (when I was in the middle of a rotten cold that ruined my voice, so excuse my raspy speech.)

We just started rating video games on a 5 star basis, and the boys both gave this one 5 stars.   It would be a blast to find this game under the Christmas tree this year!  I know we'll have tons of fun with it.

Tony Hawk: Shred is available for Wii, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3

*Disclosure: I received the Tony Hawk: Shred bundle for Wii to facilitate this review.  No compensation was provided.  All opinions, thoughts, words and video are my own.*

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