Friday, December 31, 2010

Progresso Soup Giveaway

When the Progresso Soup commericals with soup can phones first aired, I had to explain to my kids what they were.  I don't think I ever actually played with one as a kid, but I knew what they were!  It was funny when we received a box recently from Progresso that included our very own Progresso Soup Can Phone!  The kids had a riot playing with it and couldn't get over the idea of phones having cords.

Progresso Soups has some wonderful soups, that are easy to prepare and nutritious!  You can visit to find out about all their varieties, as well as recipes to try.  My boys took the idea of Progresso Soup and the soup can phone and created a commercial for your enjoyment.  They even drew out a story board and wrote the script before they had me video their commercial.

They took turns with each part, so I decided to share both versions with you.  I think they're hilarious.

Progresso has offered a fun gift package for one of my readers!  If your entry is chosen, you will receive 2 VIP coupons for free Progresso Soups, a soup can rack, a soup bowl, soup spoon and spoon rest.  I'm sorry that you won't receive a soup can phone.

To enter the giveaway, click HERE to jump to the giveaway form.  Before you click, take note of the giveaway name and mandatory question so you can fill in the blanks on the form.  (Link to my giveaway rules can be found to the right)

Giveaway Name: Soup Can Phone
Mandatory Question: What's your favorite soup?

This giveaway will end on January 7, 2011.  Good Luck!!

*Disclosure: I received a prize package for myself and one to give away to one of my readers from My Blog Spark and Progresso Soup.  No additional compensation was provided.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  The videos in this post were created and written entirely by Colin & Nate.*


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  2. LOVE the commercials! LOL!


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