Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Roman Town

The boys invited a few friends over a couple weeks ago and had a blast playing a new computer game, Roman Town. The game sets up the kids as archeologists and gives them the chance to participate in a dig and learn about artifacts.  The boys (ages 8 - 13) all had a good time playing the game and discovering new things.

The game was easy to navigate and the kids didn't need any prompting and very little help playing it.  They ran into some frustrations when asked to fill in a report, but the older kids stepped in and got the report completed so they could go on and uncover more artifacts.  There were plenty of opportunities to learn more about the things they discovered and they had fun playing for quite a while!

Mommy Parties, who sponsored the party along with Roman Town's creators (dig-itgames.com), sent along a fun package including not only copies of the game, but also water bottles and hats for the kids.  The kids got a kick out of the hats, which they don't have much opportunity to wear in Arizona, and all the water bottles got used that day.

The boys had fun playing in the dirt in our backyard after playing on the computer and did a little discovery of their own.  They had a fun afternoon, and played hard.

My boys have played the game a few times since the party.  I wish there was a download option as well as a CD option because my boys' netbooks don't have CD drives and I would've liked to load the game on their machines.

I love that Roman Town was educational as well as fun for the kids!  Definitely a game to consider for your kids.

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