Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts

Before Christmas, I had posted about giving the kids coupons as a gift.  I never got around to it then, but did make some coupons for Valentine's Day.  I created a 2x5 table in Word and added Valentine graphics to each cell and printed the sheets.

I gave each boy a sheet of coupons.  Colin thought it was a neat idea right away, and ran off to fill his in.  Nate wasn't nearly as enthusiastic, and grumbled that he would create coupons good for a "punch in the stomach."  I called him on it, and teased him a bit, so by the time his dad came home he was denying that he would do that.

I made coupons for the boys that included "One Day with No Chores!", "One Day with No Schooling!", and "A Lunch Date Just with Mom."  Bo added a coupon for an afternoon alone with him for each boy.  Lydia got coupons for reading 10 books and a lunch date.

This morning, we all exchanged coupons (and a heart of chocolate candy for each child) and I loved the look on their faces when they saw what their coupons were good for.  Definitely better response than any purchased gift would have gotten!

And I was touched by the coupons they made for each other and us. Even Nate, who grumbled, created very thoughtful coupons for each member of our family. (He's a softie at heart!) They made coupons for Lydia offering to read her a book, and play anything.  I got coupons for them to stay in bed,  help cleaning my room, and chores with no complaining.

It was a great exercise that brought in acts of service for each other.  No money was necessary, just careful thought about what we could do for each other and what would be appreciated.  I think I've started a new tradition, and I like it!!

We finished the day with a yummy steak dinner, with bruschetta, green beans, roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes (made by Bo), and the flourless chocolate cake I wrote about last week (made by me).  Everything was delicious, and the cake was divine.  Rich, decadent, and one I plan to make again!

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