Monday, February 08, 2010

iPhone Saves My Mommy Brain

Last week, we sat around after dinner as a family, enjoying dessert when suddenly Bo looked at me and said "Did we miss soccer?"  Oh, crud!  2 weeks ago, I missed a speech therapy appointment because *I* had rescheduled the day but completely forgot.

Balancing schedule for 5 people is tricky, and even with my best intentions, sometimes things slip through. When I realized we missed soccer last week, I decided to set up my Google calendars to send my iPhone text messages an hour before future soccer games and speech therapy appointments so they were not missed.

A few weeks ago, when 3 of us were on antibiotics and others were on OTC medicines, I set alarms on my iPhone to keep track of everyone's medication schedules.  I may have thought it was crazy to be able to set 15 different alarms before that, but now I'm convinced!

I could use other tools to help keep me on top of schedules, but I am very grateful for my smart phone!  At first, it was just a great tool to check email when I was out. Then, it became a great toddler distraction device. It seems every day it becomes more useful!

(This post was sponsored by Verizon and Juicebox Jungle. They wanted to know if having a smart phone helped combat Mommy Brain Syndrome.)


  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I have an alarm on my iPhone set to 20 minutes before my daughter needs picked up from school. Without it, I would seriously never get there in time. I don't wear a watch, but I have everything scheduled in iCal with reminders.

  2. I use the calendar function on my iPhone to keep track of any repeating events (garbage day, monthly A/C filter change, fire alarm test/ battery change) as well as appointments of all kinds. I love that the alarm will remind me up to two times. I almost always program two reminders. Keeping my home and family on schedule is so much easier now that I have an iPhone.


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