Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - My Oldest

My Wordless Wednesday photo was of Colin, my 9yo, sitting at one of our local bookstores.  We were there because our library doesn't have any of the new Pokemon Anime series, and he loves to read them. I don't like to buy them, because he reads them in about 20 minutes and they are $7.99.

On Sunday, my sister, Colin & I went to the bookstore.  We left him in the graphic novel section and wandered around the store for about an hour to give him the chance to read 2 1/2 of his current series obsession.

As we were leaving, I looked over and noticed how tall he has gotten!  He suddenly seems taller and more mature than even a few months ago. He surprised me recently by changing his own sheets successfully, which prompted me to show him how the washing machine and dryer work so he can take care of his own laundry. I've realized lately that he is old enough to take on more complex chores with increased responsibility.

He's always been one to help, but these recent strides in maturity are giving me a glimpse of the young man he's becoming. He tries harder to be cheerful about chores and schoolwork.  He is kind to his siblings. He's intelligent and thoughtful.

And the boy loves to read! He was so excited to receive a student dictionary today at his enrichment program, his teacher was prompted to admonish him not to read the whole thing before he got home! The back was full of interesting reference items and he spent the drive home sharing them. He will read just about anything -- so I don't mind allowing him to devour the occasional graphic novel -- I know his reading list is extremely well balanced!

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  1. We love going to Barnes and Nobles so my son can catch up on similar books too!


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