Tuesday, February 02, 2010

If A Ben Franklin Showed Up In My Pocket?

Have you ever checked out the Juice Box Jungle ads over on the left sidebar?  They usually have some funny videos, and sometimes thought-provoking posts.  Right now, Kodak and JuiceBox Jungle sponsored this post to have me write about what I'd do with an extra $100!  (Check out that Kodak link! It shows you how much money you might be wasting on printer ink.)

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about our plans to travel more as a family. We made that great trip to the Grand Canyon in early January, and I hope to make some sort of trip each month this year.  If I was given an extra $100, I would put it into our travel fund to help us have a great time on our next trip!  That money could be used for souvenirs, admission to a museum, or even a nice meal!

I would break the $100 up into $10 bills so that it would feel like it was going farther!  With 5 people, $100 would go pretty fast, but it would be fun to have the extra money to play with!  What would you do?

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