Monday, February 08, 2010

Review: Boogie Wipes

About a month ago, I received a wonderful box of samples from Boogie Wipes.  I had first seen Boogie Wipes a couple years ago, and I remember thinking "I'm not sure if there's a need . . ." but then my poor kids' noses were chapped and sore, so I gave them a shot. I really like them!

They are a saline-moistened wipe, which is soft and gentle on the noses.  There is no alcohol, and they are provide moisturizers from Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile. They are good-sized, but not too big . . . perfect for wiping sensitive noses without wiping the rest of their face as well.

Before receiving the samples, I didn't realize they came in multiple scents.  Lydia had a cold when the box arrived, and now she will only let me wipe her runny nose with grape-scented Boogie Wipes.   She brings the package to me, or comes running up saying "I need Boogie Wipes, Momma!  My nose needs Boogie Wipes!!"

Of course, I got the cold next and completely fell in love with the menthol-scented Boogie Wipes!  Lydia doesn't like those at all, but Colin and I prefer them over all the rest.  Nate is happy with grape or original scent.

I had to work with that rotten cold, and they helped clear up my nose, as well as wipe it. Granted, it did wipe off some of my makeup as well, but nothing that a small touch-up in the ladies room couldn't fix.

The fresh scent, which I had previously thought was their only scent is just that -- a very neutral, fresh scent. Boogie Wipes -Original Scent is the scent I see mostly in local stores, but it's worth it to search out the other scents!

They come in individual wipe packets, which are great for throwing in purses and diaper bags, as well as pouches similar to travel baby wipes.  I've been handing out the individual wipes to my friends and everyone that has tried them has loved them just as I do! I don't go anywhere without some in my purse.

You can visit Boogie Wipes at their own website , follow them on Twitter , and even become a fan on FaceBook! You'll find out about specials, giveaways and promotions by following them.  Right now, there is a coupon available on their website.

You'll find them in local stores (I've seen them in Target and Wal-Mart) and online at

Here's Nate -- worried that it will hurt to wipe his runny nose (and Lydia just wanted to be in the picture)
Blowing his nose with a Boogie Wipe (original scent)
Yea! Boogie Wipes were gentle on his nose! 

Disclosure: I received samples from Boogie Wipes to facilitate my complete and honest review.  No additional compensation was provided. 


  1. I had never heard of these but they sound really great. I will have to try them out and I bet my boys will love them.

  2. Mel, I've never seen these before, but I'm definitely going to check them out!!! We've had so many colds this year, my kids would LOVE something like this for their poor little noses! Thank you!!!!


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