Thursday, June 15, 2006

zoo camp

C has been attending zoo camp each morning this week at the Phoenix Zoo. He has had a wonderful time and is full of stories each afternoon when I pick him up. His dad drops him off in the morning, and then N and I pick him up at noon.

He has made friends and avoided bullies and enjoyed every moment of it! They took group pictures today and uploaded them to a password-protected album on Shutterfly. What a wonderful (and inexpensive) way to share the pictures with the families! I was thrilled to find out that is how they are handling the pictures.

It's been interesting spending the mornings with N alone. I realize there are very few times when both boys are not together. More than anything, I realized that N gets many more chances to speak without his brother there to take over and hog the conversation. I need to work on that as his speech is a little delayed and I think his older brother has something to do with that. After a couple hours, though, N is through being without his brother and begins asking how many more minutes until we pick him up? I love that they are so close, and I hope it continues.

I signed them up for t-ball today and N was sure to tell the registration clerk that he and his brother needed to be on the same team! She thought it was cute, and assured him they would be this year. He thought that he would immediately get to play - and was disappointed to find out the season doesn't actually start until August.

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