Sunday, June 25, 2006

unfinished projects

Last night, I hosted a "mom's night out" for my mom's group at our parish. In the past, we've gotten together for dinner, or movies - but last night I pulled an idea from a mom's group I used to belong to and had an "Unfinished Projects" night. I told the moms to bring a project that they've been working on, or need to work on, or have been wanting to work on -- and a snack. My parents' condo is currently not rented, so we had a space to gather with no kids or household worries!

Only one other mom was able to attend, but we still had fun! My sister came also, so there were 3 of us. I worked on sorting out 5.5 years of professional portraits of my boys in preparation of putting them into albums, my sister did some rubber stamping, and the other mom finished a latch hook rug that her oldest son had started FIFTEEN years ago! She found it in his closet 3 years ago when he moved out and had worked on it a bit - but she finished it last night! She plans to give it to him for Christmas this year.

It was so nice to devote 3 hours to a project with no other responsibilities pulling at me. We have already planned to do the same thing next month, as we all have multiple projects waiting in the wings. I realized I didn't have ALL my portraits together, so I will spend the next few weeks finding them and hopefully will be able to put them in albums next month.

I feel pulled in so many directions usually, that I find myself overwhelmed and not getting ANYTHING accomplished. I realized that I really need to devote specific chunks of time to specific projects so that I can make some headway. Well, I guess I should say that I realized it AGAIN. Hopefully it will stick this time! Even if I devote one Saturday night a month to taking care of a long-neglected project, I will be ahead of where I was last month!

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